Do you feel respected at work? Your opinion matters!

We spend up to a third of our lives at work. Do we want to spend this time in an environment that does not accept and respect us? Do you feel that way at your workplace?

Join a unique discussion with your colleagues and help create a more dignified environment together. Your opinion matters!

Vote for at least 10 comments to make your voice heard. The discussion is completely anonymous (no personal data is being gathered) because we value openness and honesty.

Share your opinion and see, how many people agree with it. A good statement is original, concise and to the point. Statements are shown randomly, you do not reply to other statements.

Thanks for your participation!

Why should I get involved?

The topic of diversity and inclusion may sound distant at first. But in practice, it is also about whether we feel accepted and respected in the workplace, whether we can express our opinions freely and whether we consider leaving work. Not only for these reasons Adient adheres to the principles of diversity and inclusion. But does it correspond to reality? What is your experience at the workplace or suggestions for its improvement?

Your voice matters. So, join the discussion and let's create an environment in which we feel better and safer.

How does the discussion work?

DEMDIS discussion is a unique method of finding mutual understanding and common ground. Vote for individual opinions. If your point of view is missing from the discussion, add your own, and others will vote on it. Based on your votes, the software automatically generates opinion groups. Afterwards we can identify the main conflicts and common ground. You can find more detailed information about the methodology at this link.

The discussion is anonymous, we do not collect your personal data in any way. The discussion lasts for 14 days and is open only to employees of Adient. After completion, we will share a report about the results of our discussion. There, you will find how your proposals have turned out, what are the most fundamental conflicts and most importantly the common ideas that unite us.

About cooperation

DEMDIS is a civic association that engages the public in decent, fair, and open discussion and finds consensus in a polarized society. Currently, in cooperation with Adient, we are opening an original format of an internal discussion on the topic of diversity and inclusion. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your participation!

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